About us


We are married couple exclusively working with the porcelain – for our work we are using slip

casting technology with the wide range of hand made decoration.

We are firing our pieces in the reduction atmosphere – using the gas kiln – for 1360℃.

For the overglaze decoration we are using mostly platina which is fired on 800℃ in a oxidation

atmosphere. All our pieces are highly functional.


Studioporcelain-cz  Vladimir and Yasuyo


Studioporcelain.cz  - activity since 2005 /selection/

2005 - Started work together

2007 - Artist in residence( exhibition and workshop)in Wasserschloss ,Klaffenbach ,Germany

            Exhibition – Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi – Tokyo, Japan

            Exhibition – Mitsukoshi, Ginza – Tokyo, Japan

            Four works published in the book – „Slip casting and mould making“ by Andrew Martin, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York

2009 - Vents d´Est – exhibition – Millau, France

            Concours International de Ceramique – Carouge, Swiss, selected exhibition

2010 - Exhibition “Kirschbluten” Galerie Mangold – Leipzig, Germany

            Exhibition “Porzellan- Unikat und serie heute” – Klaffenbach, Germany

            Invited Professor and Lecturer in Musashino Art University -Tokyo, Japan

2011 -  International competition „in Dosen“ Handwerksmuseum -Deggendorf,Germany

            Sasama international ceramic art festival – Shizuoka ,Japan

2012 - Group exhibition -Sasama from the world

           –Museum of modern ceramic art Gifu.Japan

           -Gelerie hu -Nagoya , Japan

           -Galerie L’essentiel -Tokyo ,Japan

           Solo Exhibition in Terrania - Montblanc, Spain

           Group exhibition in Galerij pi kwadraat - Belgium

2013 - Exhibition „Partners in clay“, Keramiekcentrum Tegelen,- Netherlands

           Invited guest exhibition „The Best“ in seeshloss, Gmunden

           Exhibition – Gallery HU, Nagoya, Japan – with Jennifer Lee, Sasha Wardell and Shozo Michikawa

2014 - Neue Keramik prize - exhibition FLAIR MÉDITERRANÉE in Hohr-Grenzhausen ,Germany

           Selected exhibition „ Westerwald Prize 2014“ ,Germany

           Group exhibition – Gallery LA LANKA - Netherlands

           Group exhibition – Galerij Pi kwadraat - Belgium

           The 4th Shanghai comtemporary ceramics biennal -Shanghai craft museum -Shanghai, China

           „Ceramic conclave 2014“ international exhibition – New Delhi , India

2015 -  Gallery Loes & Reiner International Ceramics – exhibition Porcelain 2015 -Netherlands

            Invited guest artist – Artist in residence in Ceramic park Shigaraki , -Shiga,Japan

            Summer guest exhibition ,KASINO ,- Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany

            Group exhibition – Galerij Pi kwadraat , - Belgium

2016- ArtCera2  international exhibition  -SÈVRES, France

   International porcelain exhibition ,Galerie Kempro,Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2017-  International porcelain exhibition ,Galerie Beeldenin Gees, The Netherlands

           International porcelain exhibition ,Galerie CC't Vondel Halle, The Netherlands

           "The Dramatic Vessel" Museum of contemporary ceramic art - Shigaraki, Japan

           International porcelain tour exhibition to Dubi ,Czech  and  K-hof museum Gumunden,Austria

2018- Invited artist in residency Taoxichuan international studio Jingdezhen, China

2019- exhibition in Galerie del campo, The Netherlands

           collective exhibition ,Taoxichuan Jingdezhen,China

           exhibition :Porcelain" , Terra Delft ,The Netherlands

           exhibition " Galerie Pi-Kwadaat"Belgium

2020- solo exhibition ,Yinggeceramics Museum, New Taipei ,Taiwan

            Exhibition "Le Bel Utilitaire"  ,Dieulefit France 

2021 - exhibition : "come on table! " , Terra Delft ,The Netherlands

            Invited artist in  International symposium , International ceramics studio Kecskemet ,Hungary 

2022- exhibition : " ACHTUNG: Kunsthandwerk! " Kunsthandwerk.de in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe ,Germany