Next month- collective exhibition in France

"Le bel utilitaire"
13.June - 27. September 2020

Maison de la Céramique du Pays de Dieulefit 

Rhythm and Colors ”彩韻”

Vladimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida 's  Exhibition in New Taipei Yingge ceramics museum

14. February - 15. March. 2020


3. February -  31 .March ,2019

Exhibition in Galerie del Campo in Wijster ,The Netherlands.

February 2019,   Participated Symposium in Pecs University.   

With Maria Geszler ,Simon Zsolt Josef, Sandor Molnar. 


Oct.-December 2018

Invited in Artist in residency in International studio Taoxichuan ,Jingdezhen 

Introduced by well known Dutch internet ceramic magazine "de kleine K"

No.39 " know how - the expert: Vladimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida show"

You can see a bit of the process of our works on PDF with article also on YouTube!!



 Exhibition Vladimir Groh + Yasuyo Nishida

25. November - 7. December 2017

White gallery

The next destination of International porcelain exhibition in Galerij pi kwadraat, Erpe, Belgium.

26. November - 17. December 2017 

The exhibition 「The selection of new collection」

Museum of contemporary ceramic art in Shigaraki Ceramic park ,Japan  

2. September  - 17.December 2017


信楽陶芸の森 「陶芸館・新収蔵の逸品展」

The solo exhibition

International ceramic gallery  Loes and Reinier,  Deventer NL

10. September - 28. October 2017 

Exhibition "The Dramatic Vessel"

Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art - Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.


「うつわ ドラマティック展 」

滋賀県立陶芸の森 陶芸館


11.March - 11.June 2017 

The International Porcelain exhibition in

"Galerie Beelden im Gees" , Holland. 

13 January - 19 February  2017


2016 November

We won the first prize of the competition "Von Taube"


Wasserschloss Klaffenbach , Germany

International Porcelain traveling exhibition ,starting in Galerie Kempro, The Netherlands 

30. October -17. December, 2016

ArtCeram 2016   -  Sèvres, France 

13-29 May, 2016

2015  artist in residence - Shigaraki , Japan

2015  porcelain exhibition in Gallery Loes & Reinier, The Netherlands


International ceramic art exhibition in New Delhi ,India


 2014  exhibition in Galerij pi kwadraat , Erpe, Belgium

2013 - Exhibition „Partners in klei“,

 in Keramiekcentrum Tegelen,           The Netherlands

2012  exhibition in Galerij pi kwadraat , Belgium 

2012 exhibition -from 6 countries, 6 styles- ,Tokyo, Japan

2012  exhibition -"Sasama from the world"

in Galerie hu ,Nagoya , Japan

2011 exhibition in Galerie ESPRIT PORCELAINE ,Limoges,France


2007 - artist in residence in Wasserschloss-klaffenbach, Germany