Vladimir and Yasuyo – Czech and Japanese married couple - exclusively working with the porcelain. Both they have different background - Vladimir’s solo first exhibition was in Brno, Czech /1988.

Yasuyo studied and graduated in ceramic department in Musashino Art University in Tokyo /2001.

They met in Czech international symposium and since 2006 they collaborate and create their ceramic work together as “”. They show up with the wide range of design and art work in solo or collective international exhibition, Symposium and Artist in residency in the world. 


Artist statement


Vladimir and Yasuyo’s creation is finding the new vision of expression in porcelain utility. They use slip casting technology with the wide range of “handmade” decoration. Casting is mostly using in the industrial process – easily makes a big series of uniform pieces – but their way goes the different direction – through the comprised, multipart moulds is each casted piece slightly different and original. Than for each piece they are inventing its own decoration by using the colour and relief or textured surface to enjoy even the haptic quality of the porcelain body. They do research many years on “water soluble metal salts” – old but difficult porcelain colouring technique which allowed underglaze painting even for the temperature over the 1360 degrees. Their colours and painting go deep into white porcelain body with delicate expression and become as “an object on the table” to give you delight with porcelain.